Buying Trout Online: Know What to Look for

Ocean run, or steelhead trout, has a similar taste to that of salmon; while freshwater, or rainbow trout, has a clean taste and is highly prized by chefs because of its versatility. Although not as high in omega-3 oil content as salmon, rainbows have a slightly oily taste and delicate small flakes. Depending on where the fish is grown, the flesh can vary; freshwater rainbows flesh can be whitish to brownish, while steelheads can be pink to almost red.

Trout are an excellent source of Niacin, vitamin B12 and Omega 3's.

Trout provides more healthy omega-3 fatty acids (DHA) than wild King Salmon. Trout are fed a vegetarian diet containing no fish meal, no fish oil, no animal byproduct, and no antibiotics or other harmful chemicals. Non-GMO soy protein replaces fishmeal, and DHA gold (from algae) replaces fish oil.

Fresh Trout is excellent raw or cooked and is available year round.

Get our fresh hand-selected Trout fillets delivered to your door with easy preparation to ensure that your seafood feast is one to remember.

Fresh Idaho Rainbow Trout

Fresh Idaho Rainbow Trout

Price: $17.87 

Steelhead Trout

Fresh Steelhead Trout

Price: $20.75 

Ruby Red Rainbow Trout

Ruby Red Rainbow Trout

Price: $19.87