Fresh Striped Sea Bass (Shima Suzuki)

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Fresh Striped Sea Bass (Shima Suzuki)
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Buying Striped Sea Bass Online: Know What to Look for


Farm striped sea bass is a cross of the anadromous wild striper and the white bass. Wild striped bass stocks nearly collapsed resulting in the birth of this species. The farm (hybrid) striped bass offers a greater yield than its wild parents. It is a mild fish with a delicate, slightly sweet flavor. Raw meat is translucent white with a pinkish cast, it turns opaque white when cooked. Moderately firm but flaky and the oil content keeps it moist during cooking. The unique broken-line pattern of dark stripes along either side distinguishes the farm from wild striped bass.

Striped bass are raised in ponds or tanks. In California, most are raised in tanks. Bass farms are usually located inland, so ocean pollution from discharge of waste water is not a factor.

Striped bass comes in standard pack containing 1 - 16 ounce fillet (1 LB).

Striped bass is a good source of low-fat protein and selenium.

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