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Dungeness Crab Meat
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Dungeness Crab


Considered by many chefs as the finest crab in the world, fresh Dungeness crab is only available on the West Coast from Alaska to the Central Coast. A rich buttery taste, sweet out of the shell. Dungeness Crab can be served steamed and cracked in a bouillabaisse, Oscar style entrees or Ciopinno. You can also prepare delicious crab cakes.

Chunky Style Combination Meat is packed in easy to separate layers of whole merus and red and white salad meat, then vacuum sealed for optimum freshness. Wild caught all natural premium crab meat. All natural Dungeness Crab meat has a distinct flavor, flakey texture and creamy color.

Dungeness crab is available year-round and is flown in directly to us from Alaska on a daily basis.

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Each bag contains 2.5 Lb

How to properly defrost frozen seafood: We recommend that all frozen seafood be defrosted by placing product in the refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours depending upon the density. Never force thaw a product by running it under water (hot or cold as it can cook the product). Not only does this reduce the flavor, but it is also a health hazard.

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