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Steelhead are the migrating version of Rainbow trout, they are really the same species of fish. Steelhead migrate from the ocean into freshwater to spawn, and then swim back to the ocean or stay in freshwater, while Rainbow trout remain in freshwater throughout their life. Steelhead do not die after spawning like Pacific Salmon and are able to spawn more than once. But, steelhead are often a favorite of local fishers for their large size and feisty attitude.

Steelhead is the name given to the silver or steel-blue headed ocean-going form of the species. It is native to the Pacific coast of North America from northern Mexico north to the Bering Sea and inland to the Rocky Mountains.

Rainbow Trout varieties, which includes Steelhead Trout, are on the “Best Choices” list of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s  Seafood Watch List which monitors world fish populations for over-fishing.

Salmon and Steelhead are closely related. They are both born in freshwater, then swim out to sea to live for several years, then return to Spawn. The one difference in this behavior is that the salmon enter the rivers and do not eat, which makes them very hard to catch, and they spawn once and die.  Steelhead will eat in freshwater while on their spawning run, and do not die, they can return to the ocean and back to spawn annually, as long as they survive.

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