Buying Opah (Moonfish) Online: Know What to Look for

Opah or Moonfish is found in most temperate and subtropical seas. It is a large specie, growing over five feet in length, and has a deep body .The meat ranges from pink to orange, has a firm texture and a distinct flavor. It can be cut into boneless Opah steaks or portions, suitable for broiling or grilling. The darkest meat can be served raw as sashimi.

Opah has long been regarded as a good luck fish by fishermen! If you have traveled to Hawaii or Fiji, chances are you are familiar with this fish. Nothing brings back good memories like a delicious meal!

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Almost all Opah (Moonfish) sold in the U.S. are from Hawaii, this species is found worldwide in tropical and temperate waters and is often taken as bycatch by long liners targeting Tuna from New Zealand to California. When domestic supplies are low, the United States imports Opah, predominantly from Fiji, Tahiti, and New Zealand.

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Fijian Opah

Fijian Opah

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