Buying Salmon Online: Know What to Look for

A favorite of health conscious people and one of the most delicious fish available, salmon can be prepared in a variety of ways to make for absolutely appetizing meals. Like most seafood purchased online though, buyers must be mindful of the source where they are purchasing salmon to ensure both quality and freshness of their purchase.

Naturally, when you are looking to buy salmon online, it helps to know what to look for. Among these considerations, individuals looking to purchase salmon online should evaluate the experience of the retailer, as well as the reputation. Furthermore, they should look for a company that values sustainability, ensuring that the future generations can enjoy seafood as much as those who eat it today.

Our Premium Salmon are prized by chefs and sought after by seafood lovers because these fish receive special treatment from the first moment of the catch. Caught one at a time, by hook and line, they are immediately dressed, packed with ice, and carefully, individually chilled. Unlike other salmon that are net-caught in big numbers, these fish demand the full attention of the fishing vessel crew. There is no better salmon available unless you catch it yourself! High in heart-healthy Omega-3 Oils and huge in flavor.

Salmon is one of the few food sources naturally rich in vitamin D, which is needed to absorb calcium, maintain proper levels of calcium in the blood, and promote normal bone growth.

Chefs recognize the difference in Anderson's "cut above" process.

Troll Caught California Wild King Salmon

California Wild King Salmon

Price: $35.00 

Copper River Salmon

Copper River Sockeye Salmon

Price: $39.75 

Fresh Arctic Char

Fresh Arctic Char

Price: $29.49 

Norwegian Salmon

Fresh Atlantic Salmon

Price: $26.16 

Loch Duart Salmon

Fresh Loch Duart Salmon

Price: $34.99 

Fresh Scottish Salmon

Fresh Scottish Salmon

Price: $34.25 

Coho Salmon

Frozen Alaskan Coho Salmon

Price: $28.28 

Norwegian Salmon

Frozen Norwegian Salmon

Price: $25.53 

Chinook Salmon

King Salmon (Chinook)

Price: $33.99 

Salmon Potstickers

Salmon Potstickers

Price: $13.38 

Salmon Roe Caviar

Salmon Roe Caviar - Ikura

Price: $21.93 

Indian Candy

Smoked Salmon Candy

Price: $24.20