Buying Swordfish Online: Know What to Look for

Swordfish is a highly migratory, large fish that is found throughout the world's tropic and temperate seas. It generally migrates between cold waters in the summer to warmer waters in the winter for spawning. The sleek, streamlined fish has a distinctive sword on its head. Swordfish has a dark gray body on top and pale white-gray on the belly. Commercially, fish are usually caught between 50 and 400 pounds, but this enormous fish can weigh as much as one ton.

Hawaii is the major source of domestic swordfish. Hawaiian swordfish is superior in quality and is preferred over foreign imports by U.S. customers who have high standards.

Swordfish flesh may vary from pale to pinkish, depending on diet prior to being caught. Good quality is indicated by red blood lines bordering the loin or fillet.

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