Galley Combo

Galley Combo

Whether you operate a seafood restaurant or you just want some variety in your kitchen for the dinner party you are preparing for, having a selection of different fish can be much more desirable than simply sticking with one type. While you might try to order these different catches separately, Anderson Seafoods has made it easier to get that variety you are after while saving you me money and time in your ordering. This galley combo includes some of the most popular and delicious varieties to ensure you can prepare the right meal for every guest.

What Are the Different Types of Fish?

Wanting to combine a variety of different flavors while cutting the cost through a bundled offering, this galley combo includes halibut, Chilean seabass, and wild sockeye salmon. Each of these is caught in the wild, which means you are getting the highest quality catches with the best possible flavor. While all might have their own appeal, ordering them as a bundle in this fashion gives you the best possible price and ensures you have the variety you are after right away.


Considered by many to be the premier whitefish variety, halibut is found in the waters around Alaska and Canada. These wild fish can weigh up to 500 lbs., which means each catch yields a large number of fillets. They are snow-white in color when cooked and are appreciated by chefs all around the world for their signature flavor.

Chilean Seabass

Another large fish, the wild Chilean seabass can grow to be around 250 lbs. when fully matured and lives for 50 years. They are a cod-shaped fish and swim deep within the cold waters around Chile, Peru, and Argentina. Offering a rich and buttery flavor, they cook up to provide a flaky and firm texture. Thanks to the high fat content, overcooking is hard to do, so beginner chefs might enjoy perfecting their technique with this fish.

Wild Sockeye (red) Salmon

Most often caught around Alaska and British Columbia, these salmon, like other varieties, are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They are recognized as one of the world’s best salmon to enjoy and offer a signature texture and flavor that virtually anyone could fall in love with.

How Are These Fish Caught?

There are a wide variety of different ways to catch fish commercially and getting all of these different fish can be quite a chore if you don’t have a large-scale operation. Fortunately, Anderson Seafoods has access to some of the best fishing resources. The Chilean seabass is usually caught with hook and line, which means that each individual fish is reeled in one at a time. Alternatively, the halibut can be caught with long line methods, which allows for a large quantity to be harvested in one trip. Finally gilnet, hook, and seine are all utilized to catch the salmon.

What Is the Right Portion Size?

Depending on your intended audience, the galley combo you buy can vary significantly. At Anderson Seafoods, you can find an option with 6 fillets, one with 12, and also one with 24, allowing you to order the volume that works best for you. The 6 fillets are usually best for the individual, as they offer two 6-ounce portions of each variety. Alternatively, the 12 pack provides four 6-ounce portions of each and can serve well for a larger dinner party. Finally, the restaurant owner or large party host might order the 24 pack so he can prepare 8 of each fish for his guests’ enjoyment.

Regardless of which size you order, each fillet is individually vacuum sealed, ensuring that is maintains that same level of freshness it starts out with. Since the fish are quickly processed at our facility and sealed in this manner, you will find that they arrive 3-8 days fresher than virtually anywhere else you might order from. The fillets are then packaged for your convenience and shipped out over real, dry ice, which helps keep them cool and fresh for their arrival.

How Can You Use Galley Combo?

One of the best things about the galley combo is that you can very easily prepare each of these fish individually or you can go ahead and give yourself a sampler for a special event. Restaurant chefs typically prefer the former, as ordering these packages can save money and deliver them fresh catches daily to serve as they see fit. Whether prepared on the grill, baked in the oven, or blackened in a skillet, each of these fish is quite easy to prepare individually. Alternatively, you might go ahead and cut into these fillets further and decide to throw them all together in the pan for frying. This combination allows for a great variety of flavors all at once.

Ordering Your Fish Online

Regardless of which size you order and how you intend to use them, using Anderson Seafoods is an absolute must if quality is what you want. Beyond the unmatchable quality offered with our individually sealed fillets and dry ice delivery, we also make sure to go above and beyond in every aspect of our business. Our facilities are inspected by both governmental and independent quality control organizations to ensure you always get the freshest and cleanest cuts available. We also utilize environmentally sustainable fishing methods and carbon neutral shipping options to ensure we leave no impact on our future generations. Ready when you need it, this galley combo has all of the best options for your culinary enjoyment.

Galley Combo 6 Portion


Galley Combo 6 Pack


The Galley Combo pack comes with equal amounts of 6 ounce, individually wrapped and vacuum-sealed portions of skinless-boneless Halibut, Chilean Seabass, and Wild Sockeye (Red) Salmon.

6 portion: 2 (6oz.) portions of Halibut, 2 (6oz.) portions of Chilean Seabass, 2 (6oz.) portions of Wild Sockeye (Red) Salmon.

Price: $99.00 
Galley Combo 12 Portion


Galley Combo 12 Pack


The Galley Combo pack comes with equal amounts of 6 ounce, individually wrapped and vacuum-sealed portions of skinless-boneless Halibut, Chilean Seabass, and Wild Sockeye (Red) Salmon.

12 portion: 4 (6oz.) portions of Halibut, 4 (6oz.) portions of Chilean Seabass, 4 (6oz.) portions of Wild Sockeye (Red) Salmon.

Price: $175.00 
Galley Combo 24 Portion


Galley Combo 24 Pack


The Galley Combo pack comes with equal amounts of 6 ounce, individually wrapped and vacuum-sealed portions of skinless-boneless Halibut, Chilean Seabass, and Wild Sockeye (Red) Salmon.

24 portion: 8 (6oz.) portions of Halibut, 8 (6oz.) portions of Chilean Seabass, 8 (6oz.) portions of Wild Sockeye (Red) Salmon.

Price: $315.00