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Cooked White Shrimp - 16/20 P&D - Tail On

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Shrimp is a lean meat which makes a great dish both for its versatility and its flavor. This is why shrimp is one of the most popular seafood options in the United States with millions of pounds being harvested and consumed on an annual basis.

Shrimp is low in fat, high in protein, and is highly favored for its delicious flavor. Wonderful dishes have been created featuring shrimp, including pairings with rice, pasta, and various seafood stir-frys.

There are three different kinds of shrimp found in the Unites States - white shrimp, brown shrimp, and Mississippi River Freshwater Shrimp. Of these 3 types, white shrimp is considered choice for its mild flavor, tender texture, and large size.

Knowing how to cook white shrimp will give you many creative ideas for quick and easy dishes, whether you’re looking to spice up lunch or dinner. Shrimp can also be served as a quick appetizer when unexpected guests drop in. Enjoy some tasty shrimp for your next meal with your friends and family this week!

On average there are 36 shrimp in a 2 lb bag. (P&D: Peeled and Deveined shrimp).

Buying Fresh Seafood Online from Anderson Seafoods has never been so easy, or tasted so good!

How to properly defrost frozen seafood: We recommend that all frozen seafood be defrosted by placing product in the refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours depending upon the density. Never force thaw a product by running it under water (hot or cold as it can cook the product). Not only does this reduce the flavor, but it is also a health hazard.

Anderson Seafoods brings the finest selection directly to your kitchen.

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