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Crab Meat Back Fin

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Crab Meat Back Fin


Crab meat refers to the flesh that is found inside a crab. This meat has surely made its name because of its tender feel and its sweet and juicy flavor. The meat from the back fin is white in color, very flaky and is presently being used in countless of dishes across the globe.

It is vitally important that the crab’s back fin meat is handled in the right way to avoid any form of pollution. Crab meat back fin has a tendency to spoil quickly after the crab has been killed hence why it is highly recommended that the crab has to be alive for the processing of its meat. We ensure that its meat quality is nothing but the best.

Cooking crab meat is not as difficult as many may believe. In a large pan, add half amount of water and add your desired salt amount. Allow the water to boil, lower the heat and place crab meat in the water then turn up the heat. The cooking time is 20 minutes after placing meat in however if the portion is more than 2 pounds then you allow roughly 5 minutes per extra pound. After the crab meat is cooked, you throw away the water and rinse off with fresh water. In order to remove any excess dirt or residues, give the area a soft scrub and allow meat to cool.

Seasonings such as minced celery, ginger, red pepper, bay leaf, paprika and oregano bring out the heavenly flavors of the crab’s back fin meat. An easy and simple way to enjoy your back fin crab meat is by sautéing your cooked crab meat with butter with your side dish being a portion of fresh garden salad with a hint of lemon or citrus dressing.

Crab meat back fin is an excellent source of protein and guess what, it’s very low in calories. Another awesome fact about this meat is that it contains Omega 3 fatty acid which is very good for heart health and it now proven to be very helpful to the human brain. Vitamin B6 is also present in crab meat. Our bodies need this vitamin in order to produce red blood cells. The anti-oxidant selenium can also be found in crab meat and it aids with such properties such as cell damage and aging. Due to the many health benefits of crab meat, it is a recommended for persons suffering with diabetes.

Don’t be fooled by its big claws, crab meat is one of the best and healthiest meats that you will ever consume. Its meat can be prepared in numerous ways with different spices and seasoning that enhances its true flavor.

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