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Israeli Osetra Caviar (Karat Caviar)

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Osetra Caviar


This is 100% Russian Osetra Caviar. The fish are raised near the source of the Jordan river, in crystal clear, pure snow-melt waters from the nearby Mount Hermon. This classic "Amber" caviar is golden olive to light brown in color, with a rich and smooth nutty flavor.

Israeli Osetra Caviar is a premium quality sustainable alternative to caviar from the Caspian Sea.

As with most Caviars, Karat Caviar is usually handled with a spoon made of mother of pearl, bone, or other non-metallic material, as metal utensils tend to impart an unwelcome metallic taste to the delicate and expensive roe. Isrlaeli Osetra Caviar, unlike less expensive varieties, is usually served by itself on toast, whereas other caviars can be served in a variety of ways, including hollowed and cooked new potatoes, on a blini, or garnished with sour cream, crème fraîche, minced onion or minced hard-boiled egg whites.

Considered by many chefs as the finest Caviar in the world.

Storage: refrigerated.

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