Black Bean Shrimp

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Black Bean Shrimp
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Black Bean Shrimp


This mouthwatering Black bean shrimp sauce is tempting to one’s taste buds. It serves as an authentic side dish to many meals; especially over a variety of rice noodles. It is known for its unique taste which is meaty, savory and slightly sweet.

The colorful brightness of the incorporation of assorted vegetables and added black beans make it dark brown. The freshness of the meaty shrimp and the pale color rice noodles gives the dish a contrasted flavor.

Combined with other spices and herb ingredients, it produces a unique appeal. What is so appealing about this unique dish preparation is its amazing freshness.

What about the sweetness? The dish is on the slightly sweet side. It wins the award for “Savory” Black bean shrimp sauce. The rich calories intake of this Black bean shrimp sauce is a good source of protein and fiber, yet it is ideal for non-vegetarians as well as vegetarians alike.

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