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Pacific Rockfish

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Pacific Red Snapper


The Pacific red snapper is one of the most versatile and resourceful fish one can find. This type of species is sold through several names. Some of its names include Rockfish, Rock Cod and Red Snapper. There are about 70 species of rockfish found in the Eastern Pacific. These range from the Bering Sea to Baja California. Approximately, only about 12 snappers or so are caught in significant commercial quantities. The Pacific rockfish family is the most important year-round source of groundfish on the West Coast. Many rockfish take their names from their skin color like blue, green, brown or red. Usually, the brighter the skin color, the deeper dwelling the fish. Several rockfish fillets are usually sold being red or brown. Although they are somewhat in slow growth, rockfish range from about 1 to more than 40 pounds, depending on the type of species.

The Pacific red snapper, has a lower oil content and has a long shelf life. When considering fish, most fish are high in protein, low in saturated fat. They are also a unique source of extremely beneficial compounds called omega-3 essential fatty acids. The Pacific Red Snapper is a very good source of protein. It is also regarded as a food that can provide almost 15% of the required daily value for omega-3 fatty acids. The firm, mildly flavored, white-fleshed snapper can be prepared very simply or as a gourmet meal. Red Snapper can be blackened, broiled, crumb-coated, baked or placed as a raw sushi.

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Most fish are high in protein, low in saturated fat and a unique source of extremely beneficial compounds called omega-3 essential fatty acids. Snapper is no exception. The Pacific Red Snapper is a very good source of protein, and a food able to provide almost 15% of our daily value for omega-3 fatty acids in one 4-ounce serving.

Each bag contains 2 fillets averaging 6-8 ounces each.

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