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Customer Rewards Program

Our customer rewards program will guarantee that every dollar you spend with us brings the freshest catch closer to your door!

How it works:

With your first order, you will automatically be enrolled in the Sand Dollars Rewards Club.

For every dollar spent after your first order, you earn one Sand Dollar that can be used toward the total of any seafood home delivery order, excluding shipping costs.

Customers may use up to 3000 of these Sand Dollar rewards points ($350) per order, and may pay fully, or partially, for an order with any of their points. Sand Dollars may not be shared between customers.

Anderson Seafoods is proud to be giving back to our customers. We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you for years to come!


Anderson Seafoods

Sand Dollars Rewards:

300 points = $25
500 points = $50
1000 points = $100
2000 points = $225
3000 points = $350