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  1. Frozen North Atlantic Lobster Tails
    As low as $43.95
    North Atlantic Lobster Tails
    Buying North Atlantic Lobster Tails online North Atlantic Lobster Tails combine a sweet flavor and firm bite. Read More
  2. Fresh Idaho Rainbow Trout
    As low as $26.99
    Fresh Idaho Rainbow Trout
    Buying Idaho Rainbow Trout online   Idaho Rainbow trout represents the largest percentage of trout farmed in the United States. Read More
  3. Fresh Scottish Salmon
    As low as $36.25
    Fresh Scottish Salmon
    Farm raised in Scotland without any hormones, growth promoters or antibiotics. Read More
  4. Fresh Mahi Mahi
    As low as $34.95
    Fresh Mahi-Mahi
    Buying Mahi mahi fish online Mahi mahi is one of most stunning fish in the sea. Read More
  5. Frozen Smoked Salmon Candy
    Smoked Salmon Candy
    Smoked Salmon Candy   Indian Candy Smoked King Salmon is a signature of the Pacific Northwest, perfected and treasured by the native of coastal communities. Read More
  6. Frozen Chilean Langostino Tails
    Chilean Langostino Tails
    Dry Chilean Langostino Tails: These succulent langostino tails are caught off the Chilean coastline, and are available all year. Read More
  7. Frozen Scallops
    As low as $75.95
    Scallops - 10/20 Dry
    Buying Scallops online   Sea scallops have a sweet rich taste that ranges from mild to briny. Read More
  8. Fresh Crab Meat Jumbo
    As low as $56.95
    Crab Meat Jumbo
    Crab Meat Jumbo   As the name suggests, crab meat is meat found inside a crab. Read More
  9. Fresh Yellowfin Ahi Tuna
    As low as $36.95
    Fresh Yellowfin Ahi Tuna
    Buying Yellowfin Ahi Tuna online Yellowfin tuna is an excellent type of fish used as a raw dish. Read More
  10. Frozen Snow Crab Cocktail Claws
    Snow Crab Cocktail Claws
    Buying Snow Crab Cocktail Claws online   Snow Crab is often referred to as Queen Crab, and has a stringy yet delicate texture with a sweet taste that can be salty. Read More
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10 Items

per page
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These are your favorite seafood items in one collection.

Fire up the grill and serve up our Lobster Tails, Alaskan King Crab Legs, Chilean Langostino Tails, Shrimp, Scallops and many other delicious fresh seafood items. Enjoy the versatility of all our Boneless Seafood Portions.

No backyard barbecue would be complete without our juicy Fresh Seafood!

Seafood enthusiasts, rejoice! Choose from acclaimed selection of exquisite premium seafood - heart-healthy choices that provide a delicious and ample source of protein and vital nutrients, such as Omega 3's.

All our delicious seafood is carefully packed to make cooking a breeze.

Looking where to buy seafood online? Anderson Seafoods brings the finest selection directly to your kitchen!

We procure one of the largest selections of sustainable seafood that is top-grade.