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    Fresh Albacore Tuna
    Buy Fresh Albacore Tuna Online Fresh Albacore Tuna is a species of tun. Read More
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    Frozen Albacore
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Albacore For Sale

Shop albacore for sale and get fresh, high-quality albacore tuna shipped right to your door. From whitish-pink to deep pink in color, albacore can certainly make for a delightful option if you know your way around the kitchen. The highest quality wild caught tuna out there, Albacore is known for being one of the mildest of fish, which is why it has often been called the “chicken of the sea.” If you are looking for quality albacore delivered fresh to your door, you won’t find a better place than right here at Anderson Seafoods.

Where Does Albacore Come from?

Also called “Tombo Ahi” by the locals in Hawaii, fresh albacore tuna is caught wild in some of the most tropical places around the world. Namely, it is found around Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, and Tonga. If you have ever visited these areas, you know that they have some of the clearest waters around, which ensure high quality fish to catch. Additionally, the tropical islands around these areas tend to offer more environmental sustainability, making it easier to come across a regular supply. All of this makes albacore a very commonly sought after fish and one of the most popular types of tuna meat.

How Is Albacore Caught?

The most common technique for catching any sort of albacore is with longline fishing. This is a common commercial fishing technique that involves use of a main line and many branched lines, each holding separate hooks to help catch the largest amount of fish. Depending on the size of the operation, this method of catching can utilize anywhere from just 25 hooks to 2,500 hooks per longline. This method is used when there is a high concentration of albacore and populations are left thriving. Additionally, these large fish can be caught using hook and hand techniques, allowing them to be pulled in by hand using a large hook.

Fresh Albacore

One of the most commonly ordered types of tuna, fresh albacore is often sought after first because of the perceived quality difference between fresh and frozen food. This is because it comes straight from the ocean, is shipped daily to the warehouse and is quickly processed and shipped. Unlike what you might find in the local grocery store, the quality of this fresh tuna fish is definitely something you will notice when you eat it.

When you decide to buy albacore tuna for sale from Anderson Seafoods, one of the biggest advantages is that you do not have to worry about thawing the fish, which means you can prepare it the same day you receive it. With Anderson Seafoods, that fish is sent to you in an environmentally friendly box filled with real, dry ice. Unlike other shipping methods, using dry ice allows it to preserve that freshness that you are after without freezing the fish on the way.

Frozen Albacore

Of course, while a fresher catch might often be on the order, there are other times when frozen albacore is better suited to the job. Keep in mind that when a new catch isn’t shipped out to sell fresh, it is then frozen to preserve that top quality flavor. When a fish is frozen, it helps to keep in that flavor right then, which means that for those who might want to store the fish for days or weeks, frozen albacore is a better option. While there is some truth that quality might be less if you eat immediately, ordering frozen is a better bet if you intend to order more than you need. Another thing to realize is that much of the lost flavor many associate with frozen fish is actually not due to the fact it was frozen but rather to the way people often defrost that fish. Contrary to popular belief, running warm water over fish is not a good way to defrost them. Instead, it is important that you refrigerate the fish 12-24 hours prior to using it for cooking.

Preparing Albacore the Right Way

One of the most protein-rich foods out there, albacore is an excellent protein choice for your dinner. It can be prepared in a variety of ways. Remember, if you purchased frozen to thaw it properly first, but if you chose fresh you can immediately prepare it to your liking. It can be enjoyed in sashimi, baked, broiled, grilled, sautéed, poached, scared, or smoked. Regardless of which way you enjoy it most, it provides that mild flavor that many seafood lovers and those who often don’t enjoy other seafood that you are looking for.

Find Albacore for Sale

Regardless of whether you decide to order fresh albacore or frozen albacore, shopping with Anderson Seafoods is always an excellent choice. All of our seafood ships out from the warehouse carefully packaged to ensure it gets to you with all of the freshness preserved. Our facilities are regularly inspected by both government and private organizations to ensure that we maintain the highest quality standards.

So, pick out your favorite albacore recipe and place your order online. We will have your shipment to you in no time.