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  1. Frozen Alaskan Halibut
    Frozen Alaskan Halibut
    Frozen Alaskan Halibut Shop frozen Atlantic Halibut and get it delivered righ. Read More
    As low as $63.35
  2. Fresh Alaskan Halibut
    Fresh Alaskan Halibut
    Also known as Northern Halibut, Alaskan Halibut is lean, mild, delicate and sw. Read More
    As low as $50.00
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Frozen and Fresh Halibut

While not every seafood restaurant carries frozen and fresh halibut, the popularity of it within the culinary community is well apparent. In fact, you will often find halibut fillet has a permanent place on the menus of some of those finer dining establishments you might look to visit. Used as a term to describe two species of flatfish, halibut are known for being some of the largest fish around. They tend to be predatorial, eating anything that comes their way. Being lower in fat than many of the other popular fish, cooking can be a bit different if you have never prepared halibut before, particularly if you’re cooking frozen halibut. To help get you started, you may be interested in learning some more about these fish.

Best Fishing Methods for Catch Halibut

There are a wide variety of ways that modern fishermen go about making their catches with today’s technology. No matter how often things change and advance though, certain procedures simply remain the same. When it comes to catching halibut, the long line method is the preferred way to keep up a steady supply. This involves deploying a single, very large line that is attached to many smaller hooks. This line can hold anywhere between 25 to 2,500 different hooks and provides a way to catch a large amount of fish at once.

Location of the Best Halibut

As you might expect from a fish of its size, halibut are often found in the cooler parts of the world. They prefer those cold, clear waters over anything temperate you might find farther south. Alaska, California, Washington, and Canada are all great places to catch some of the larger halibut out there. Both Pacific and Atlantic halibut varieties are large, but the pacific halibut is actually on record for being the world’s largest fish, which goes to a 515 pound, 8.6 foot long fish. In general, catching season runs from March to November, so if you want to get a fresh catch these are the best months to order. As for where to buy halibut, our online marketplace means you can get the freshest catch delivered to your door—no matter where you live.

Fresh Halibut

When fresh halibut is in season, it is the perfect time to try out this delicious fish and experience just how many options it offers for your enjoyment. The lean meat is mild and sweet in flavor, offering a taste that even the casual fish eater will enjoy. Once cooked, the skin turns a snow white color and offers a firm yet flaky texture. By ordering fresh cuts, you are ordering the absolute most flavorful option available. Like most seafood, the process of freezing halibut can have an impact on the taste, so ordering fresh helps. To make sure you get the freshest catches, the processing facility uses fish caught that day to send out for order fulfillment. Of course, this freshness is carefully preserved during transit thanks to the real, dry ice used in the package. This ensures that the initial flavor stays intact and keeps it tasting just like it would if it came right off the boat.

Frozen Halibut

On the other hand, halibut is not available year-round, which means that when you want to enjoy it you might need some frozen fillets lying around in that off-time. While it might not be quite as delicious as the fresh option, when halibut is frozen at Anderson Seafoods it is caught, processed, and quickly frozen that day. In this way, it maintains as much of that initial fresh flavor as possible. Once it arrives, you can store it in your freezer until the time comes to cook it. When you know it is time to cook, simply let it thaw out in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours and prepare as you normally would.

Are Wild Caught Fish Special?

Whether these fish are in season or not, one of the biggest advantages of ordering your halibut from Anderson Seafoods is that all of the fish come directly from the ocean. Being wild-caught means that they grow up in their natural environment and are able to consume a wider variety of foods. In effect, they are offered with a very rich nutritional content. More importantly, they come to you with that wild taste, which provides an absolutely delicious experience that really sets it apart from any farm-raised variety of fish. While the casual fish eater might not identify it, anyone who has been able to compare halibut before will certainly notice the difference.

The Extra Quality of Anderson Seafoods

Of course, this quality difference is ultimately what sets us apart from the other options on the market today. Rather than just accepting whatever is nearest you to get your fish, it is important that quality become one of your top priorities. With halibut for sale from Anderson Seafoods, you can always enjoy the absolute best quality and plenty of convenience to boot. More than this, all of our packages are shipped using a special carbon-neutral method, ensuring we leave no extra impact on the environment and giving you the peace of mind you want when ordering. So, if you want the absolute best, remember this is the place to shop.