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  1. Fresh Fijian Ono Wahoo
    Fresh Fijian Ono (Wahoo)
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Ono Fish For Sale

Known by the locals around Hawaii as Ono fish, many people around the world actually recognize this fish better by another name, wahoo. Regardless of which name you know it by, ono is an absolute delicious variety of fish that is often sought after by sports fisherman. It travels quickly through the water, making it one of the more elusive varieties and also offers quite a delicious, white flesh. In effect, this fish has become a regular item for many chefs and provides some excellent opportunities to spice up your kitchen. So, what are the best options for getting fresh ono seafood delivered to your door and how can you use them properly? To answer that, you might start with the basics.  

Catching the Best Ono

Since they are so often desired by sports fisherman, it makes sense that catching them with a simply line and real would serve the purpose. Unfortunately, catching enough for commercial applications in this manner is simply not practical, which is why they are usually caught in one of two other ways. First, a troller is always a popular option as this allows for a large boat to cast many lines and simply navigate those waterways ripe with Ono. Inevitably, they begin to catch this elusive fish. On the other hand, large operations even involve long line fishing, which uses one giant line and plenty of smaller bait hooks. In effect, hundreds or even thousands of fish can be pulled in at once.

Where Can You Catch Ono?

When it comes to ono fish, Hawaii is the place to be, though Fiji, Ecuador, Costa Rice, and Vietnam are also known for offering some high quality ono to capture. As you would expect in these areas, the wahoo (ono) prefers tropical to subtropical waters, ensuring they are nice and warm to establish their habitats. Since they are so far-moving, these ono are a less common catch but using the above methods a semi-regular catching schedule can be maintained to ensure year-round availability.

Fresh Fijian Ono(Wahoo)

Looking for the highest quality Fijian wahoo steak (ono steak)? Anderson Seafoods provides its customers with a white, flakey option that delivers a delicate texture and delicious flavor. When the fish is shipped into the processing plant, it is quickly processed and sent out for you to enjoy. As such, it ensures you get the freshest catches available, often 3-8 days fresher than your local fish market. This fish can be prepared in a variety of delicious ways, including a good pan-seared option. Other eaters prefer blackened ono to get the best eating experience. Alternatively, you can marinate your fish for some time prior to preparation and ensure that it takes on a more unique flavor.

Is Fresh Better than Frozen?

When you are choosing to order fresh fillets over frozen, you can be sure that you are getting the most delicious wahoo available on the market. Beyond the quality difference offered by fresh cuts of this fish, you also have to account for the fact that you save some steps on preparation. To avoid spoiling the taste of your fish or even contributing to health issues, it is important that frozen fish is properly thawed for 12-24 hours prior to preparation. Since the fillets you order here are fresh, you can simply prepare the fillets as soon as they arrive. Since they ship out in packages filled with real, dry ice, you can be sure that they will arrive as fresh as ever.

Why Worry About Wild Caught Fish?

So, is there really any advantage to catching these types of fish in the wild instead of raising them in a more controlled environment? If you have ever compared the taste between wild-caught wahoo and farmed varieties, you will know right away that the answer to this question is quite clear. The flavor you get from catching this fish in the wild is hard to replicate and it really shows through when you prepare it in just about any fashion. More than this, catching these fish in the wild ensures that there is virtually no impact on the environment, which means you can eat them without feeling guilty. Considering the improved taste and the minimal environmental affects, it becomes clear how important wild varieties are when consuming any sort of ono.

Anderson Seafoods Delivers the Best Catches

Of course, when you order your ono through Anderson Seafoods, you can be sure that you are getting only the best catch. When you check out, simply select whether you want 2 6-ounce or 8-ounce fillets and they will ship fresh to your door. Since we use carbon-neutral shipping methods to send out your delivery, you can also be sure that you are having absolutely no extra negative impact on the environment. Ultimately, the difference is all in the quality, and when you order from Anderson Seafoods you can be sure you’ll get the absolute best.