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    Fijian Opah
    Buying Opah (Moonfish) online   Fijian Opah is commonly known as Moonfi. Read More
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Opah Fish For Sale

When you think of having seafood at the dinner table, the wild Opah fish for sale might not be the first one that comes to mind. More commonly known as the moonfish, sunfish, kingfish, or even Jerusalem haddock, this tropical-dwelling fish has a large, rounded profile. As a discoid fish, they might not look all that appetizing in their natural state, but once the bone and thick skin are removed, they offer some delicious flesh that ranges from light pink to orange in color. Increasingly popular around the world today for its many preparation options, finding good Opah fillet can really open up your kitchen and provide you with some excellent meals. If you want the absolute best quality available on the market today, you won’t find a better place than Anderson Seafoods.  

How Is Opah Caught?

There are a few different ways that you can catch wild Opah (moonfish), and here at Anderson Seafoods we utilize a variety of these methods to make sure we always have a supply. Long line fishing is naturally one of the best ways to get their attention, as it allows for many individual lines to be hooked to one large one for the maximum amount of catches. In this way, 25 to 2,500 different lines can be cast at once. Alternatively, gilnet methods also tend to bring in some of this fish simply out of convenience. After all, Opah are not fund of traveling in schools, but they can often be caught in with other fish. On the other hand, some commercial fishing also involves the use of a troller, which allows a single boat to have a variety of fishing lines cast from the back to spread out and catch fish as it travels through the water.

Where Is Opah Caught?

While there are actually a couple different varieties of Opah out there, the one you are interested in eating is found mostly in tropical waters. Specially, Fiji, Hawaii, and Mexico offer some great locations to catch these fish. In general, they prefer clear, open waters, allowing them to enjoy free range and enables fishers to catch them in larger numbers. Sometimes, they can also be found around the contiguous United States in some of the warmer locations.

Fijian Opah

In the older days of fishing, this type of Opah was actually never sold as a product of its own. Instead, longline fishers would go out and accidentally hook some of them. When they returned, they would give these away as a sign of good will and a symbol of luck. Realizing how well they worked for cooking, they began to gain popularity among professional chefs in the 1980s. Since that time, popularity has continued to grow and now many chefs specifically seek out this type of fish.

The Fijian Opah is mostly not edible, about 65% of its body being composed of thick skin and bones. Of course, the other 35% delivers a delicious meal option for the educated chef. Regardless of what color it starts out, this skin cooks to be a brown color and provides plenty of tasty options. It can be broiled, grilled, poached, sautéed, or even used in sashimi. With year-round availability, it makes for an excellent addition to any kitchen. Shipping out fresh as 2 6-ounce or 8-ounce fillets, you can enjoy a flavor anyone will love.

Is Fresh Really Better?

So, why does Anderson Seafoods ship out its Opah fresh from the source? Mostly, it is due to the general quality difference you will find with fresh over frozen. Without every freezing the fish, you are able to preserve that initial flavor and cook it up immediately for the best results. This means you can order it when you need it and get it the next day without having to worry about putting time aside to let it thaw. Keep in mind, seafood should be thawed in a refrigerator for 12-24 hours prior to preparation for the best results. When you order Opah online, you get a catch that was processed and shipped out that same day for the best freshness available.

How Does Wild Caught Stack Up?

Since Opah are so prolific, there is really no sense in raising them within a controlled environment. Instead, all of the Opah for sale here at Anderson Seafoods is offered straight from the wild. Catching them in this way not only ensures that there is no adverse impact on the natural environment, but it also provides you with the best tasting options on the market today. Keep in mind, wild caught fish tend to have richer flavors and are usually sought after by professional chefs for exactly this reason.

Getting the Best Catch at Anderson Seafoods

Regardless of whether you are just ordering some opah or also picking up some other goods from Anderson Seafoods, ordering online couldn’t be easier. Our convenient online ordering system allows you to select what you need and add it to your cart, with an Opah (moonfish) price that can’t be beat. Once you place your order, your fish can be shipped directly to your door using our carbon neutral shipping methods. Don’t worry about preserving that freshness, because all of your fish is sent in real, dry ice, giving it the best environment for transit. When you want quality, there is no place better out there.