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  1. Fresh Tasmanian Ocean Trout
    Tasmanian Ocean Trout
    Buying Fresh Ocean Trout Online   Ocean Trout is also known as Sand Sea. Read More
    As low as $39.75
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  2. Fresh Idaho Rainbow Trout
    Fresh Idaho Rainbow Trout
    Buying Idaho Rainbow Trout online   Idaho Rainbow trout represents the . Read More
    As low as $26.99
  3. Fresh Ruby Red Rainbow Trout
    Ruby Red Rainbow Trout
    Ruby Red Rainbow Trout   Ruby Red Rainbow Trout, one of the steelhead trou. Read More
    As low as $0.00
    Out of stock
  4. Fresh Steelhead Trout
    Fresh Steelhead Trout
    Buying Steelhead Trout online   If you’re searching for a new place to purc. Read More
    As low as $30.95
    Out of stock
  5. Fresh Idaho Rainbow Trout Butterfly Cut
    Fresh Idaho Rainbow Trout (Butterfly Cut)
    Buying Idaho Rainbow Trout online   Idaho Rainbow Trout represents the larges. Read More
    As low as $26.99
    Out of stock
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Trout For Sale

Delicious trout for sale—shipped fast and right to your door!

One of the most popular freshwater fish in the United States, there are actually more than just one type of this fish around the world. In fact, here at Anderson Seafoods we actually catch a variety of different fresh trout ranging from the common freshwater variety farmed in Idaho to the saltwater swimmers off the coast of Tasmania. Depending on what type of dish you are hoping to prepare, you might find that one type of trout fillet really sticks out above the rest. So, what flavor are you looking for?

Fresh Idaho Rainbow Trout

At Anderson Seafoods, we value quality above all else, which is why we make every effort to provide fresh fish whenever possible. While certain varieties simply work better when they are frozen, these fresh Idaho Rainbow trout can be processed and shipped out the same day for your enjoyment. As a result, they never have to be frozen. By avoiding the freezing process, we find that our trout maintains a fuller flavor and keeps in that taste you would look for in such a fish. Packed in a box with real, dry ice, it will stay nice and cool to retain the freshness without freezing over. Since it ships fresh, this trout is ready to prepare as soon as it arrives. Being farm-raised in an ecologically responsible manner, it tastes better than many other farm-raised options but you will notice a difference between this and wild-caught varieties. In color, this catch ranges from white, pink, or orange, all the way to a reddish hue.

Fresh Steelhead Trout

In reality, steelhead trout are virtually the same as the rainbow variety, but rather than stay in the fresh water their whole life they actually swim out to the ocean before returning to lay their eggs. As a migratory fish that travels such as distance, they offer a slightly more unique flavor. They are native to the Pacific coast of the United States and are kept fresh from the day we catch them to the day they arrive at your front door. Like the other fresh fish, this helps maintain a consistent, quality flavor. Once it arrives, you also don’t have to worry about defrosting the fish, which means you can cook it immediately. Delicious baked, broiled, grilled, smoked, sautéed, or poached, it will make for an excellent meal. Since they are caught in the wild, many suggest that these steelhead trout are some of the best.

Ruby Red Rainbow Trout

Offering a tender texture and a mild fish flavor, the ruby red rainbow trout is a special variety found near Peru. Using a farm within these Peruvian inland waters, we work to offer some of the most delicious ruby red trout. Because of their location, these trout are actually frozen prior to shipping out, which helps to seal in that original flavor without losing any during the trip. For the best cooking experience, shop our marketplace for fresh Rainbow trout for sale, and once you get your order, simply leave your fillet in the refrigerator overnight to thaw. From there, cook it however you like best.

Tasmanian Ocean Trout

For those who want a wild-caught trout, you won’t find many options that compare to these Tasmanian ocean trout. Caught in the wilds off the southwest coast of Tasmania, these delicious fish are a great addition to anyone’s kitchen. Due to their large, wild populations, you can enjoy a great many of these fish without harming the local population. This is something that you are sure to enjoy, as they offer a one-of-a-kind taste that you are sure to want more of. In fact, this delicious product was recognized by the Order of Australia Medal for its texture, taste, and overall sensory experience.

Where Does Trout Come From?

Regardless of whether you fish them out of the waters around Tasmania or find them in a fresh-water river within the States, trout tend to favor cleaner water. Some variety of this fish, like the steelhead trout, actually migrates from the ocean into the rivers to lay their eggs. From there, they might just stay behind or they might return to the open ocean. Naturally, the trout you find farmed in Idaho are going to be different than those you find in the wilds around Tasmania. Regardless, you can trust that they come from clean and cool waters.

How Are Trouts Caught?

For the farmed variety of trout, the latest aquaculture techniques are used. This involves a controlled environment that helps maintain a steady population and ensures that the wild fish are not ever endangered. Since they are raised in this controlled environment, they can simply be removed from the waters when they are mature enough to be shipped. Alternatively, wild caught trout are often caught either through netting or through longline fishing. Those ocean varieties, namely the Tasmanian trout, are much easier to catch in the open waters with longline than anything else. On the other hand, netting is used in areas where it is appropriate.

Buy Your Trout Online

Regardless of which type you are after, shopping for fish online is easy and convenient thanks to Anderson Seafoods. We use real dry ice to ship out all of our trout, which helps to maintain freshness throughout the delivery without freezing the fish and removing all of the delicious flavors. Furthermore, our shipping is done with a carbon neutral process, which ensures we take care of the environment every step of the way. If you want cheap, settle for whatever you might come across at the local grocery store, but if you want quality, shopping online is the only way to go.