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When it comes to high-class specialty seafood items, you would be hard pressed to name one that comes to mind before caviar. Highly sought after for its distinct flavor and gourmet eating experience, these fish eggs are some of the most luxurious food items you will ever order. Whether for your high-end restaurant or simply to enjoy at home, they are certain to make for a great addition to your kitchen. Carrying a wide variety of caviar online, Anderson Seafoods makes it easy to order seafood fresh online—including a wide selection of caviar!—and get the absolute highest quality experience every time.

Beluga Caviar

The most expensive and most highly sought after type of caviar, Beluga is known for having some of the largest eggs. It is prized for its large grain and fine skin, giving it a delicate texture and taste that really stands out from other varieties. Colors range from black to light gray, and though the latter is more highly appreciated by many, experts suggest that the flavor remains consistent regardless, offering only a slight sea flavor. Typically found in the Caspian Sea and sometimes harvested from the Adriatic, this roe is best enjoyed by itself on toast. For the best experience when you buy Beluga caviar online, make sure to handle it with a non-metallic material such as a pearl or bone spoon to avoid transferring any unwanted tastes.

Bowfin (North American) Caviar

An ancient fish sometimes called "Choupique" by its Cajun name, the bowfin sometimes serves as a less expensive substitute for sturgeon caviar. Its roe is black and provides a very distinct flavor, so discerning caviar eaters will be able to tell the difference. Though you would never want to test it in this way, one easy way to tell the difference is to actually heat the eggs, which will turn them red. Typically, you will serve this by itself, but sometimes you might garnish it with sour cream, minced onion, or some other common, complementary caviar options.

Siberian Caviar

A bit of a more high-end caviar, this Siberian sturgeon is an excellent, high quality alternative to those raised in the Caspian Sea. It offered a medium grain and a silky, buttery flavor with a distinctive, crisp pop. Like any of the highest end roe, it is best handled with a spoon made of mother of pearl, bone, or another non-metallic material. As you might expect, this option is most often served by itself on top of toast, delivering that excellent flavor in a way fitting to its quality.

French Sturgeon Caviar

Another more sustainable alternative to those Caspian Sea catches of caviar, farmed French sturgeon is a premium quality option that is typically some shade of gray. If you are wondering how to serve this delicious and distinct roe, you would be guessing right if you followed that tradition of carefully placing it on some simple toast. Just remember to handle it with those non-metallic utensils if you want to avoid any metal taste to transfer over onto the eggs.

Israeli Osetra Caviar (Karat Caviar)

100% Russian osetra caviar, this fish is found at the source of the Jordan River in crystal clear waters. It is a classic amber caviar that is golden olive to light brown in color. Offering a rich and smooth, nutty flavor, it provides a bit of a different alternative than some of the other roe you might purchase. Many professional chefs seek out this type of caviar for its delectable flavor and ease of enjoyment. Like most premium options, it is best served by itself on toast.

Osetra Caviar

Considered by many to be the best tasting of all caviar, the osetra is an excellent choice for those who are new to fish roe or want to ease others into enjoying caviar. It is a medium grained caviar and actually a mid-sized sturgeon, providing what some describe as a nutty flavor. You can distinguish it by its light gray to brownish color, though it sometimes is also a golden yellow. Serve it alone with toast if you like, or add on a garnishment that will complement that nutty flavor for a really superb experience.

Salmon Roe Caviar-Ikura

Known as salmon roe in the states, those in Japan would instead recognize this highly prized caviar by another name –Ikura. It ranges from red to orange in color and comes from the delicious and popular Alaskan Pacific salmon. In the wild, salmon live their life at sea before returning to the fresh water to lay eggs. Since these are farm-raised the eggs tend to be a more pure orange, most due to the fact that they live in fresh water their entire life. Another easy eat for roe lovers and newbies alike, buy salmon roe online and serve it by itself or garnished with other foods.

Sevruga Caviar

The smallest variety of caviar found in the Caspian Sea, sevruga produces a small-grained egg with a smoky gray color. Usually considered the sweetest variety of all, this roe is the favorite among many professionals and caviar lovers, especially if they are not fans of the nuttier options out there. With its sweet taste, it can of course be enjoyed by itself, but you might also choose to garnish it with something that might complement that taste.

Sturgeon Caviar

Often weighing 100 pounds or more sturgeon can produce quite a bit of roe for use as caviar as they are usually found with 25% of their body weight ready with eggs. They are comparable to the size, color, and flavor of the Caspian osetra, so many will find them quite enjoyable. Though they can be served alone, you might find it better to complement this roe with some sour crème and perhaps some chives or green onions as well. It offers a great taste and a much more affordable option to the osetra it resembles.

How Is Caviar Harvested?

Unlike most land-dwelling creatures, fish go through a slightly different process when getting ready to lay their eggs. Harvesting caviar can be a delicate process, which is part of the reason why they can be so pricey. To harvest them successfully, a female fish must be caught at just the right time and she must be carefully split open to leave her ovaries intact. Once the fish is caught, it is simply knocked unconscious and then the harvesting begins. If done too early in the process, the eggs will lack that signature pop, but if too late they will be milky and mushy, so timing is of the utmost importance.

Order Fresh Seafood Online with Anderson Seafoods

While you undoubtedly enjoy a life on your own terms, eating caviar is just another one of those benefits you get to have. Since you are used to having the finer things in life, the last thing you want to do is shop for your caviar at the local specialty fish store and hope that it tastes good. Instead, shopping with our fish delivery service gives you the assurance that you are getting the absolute best quality. These items are sent to you fresh and allow you to enjoy your next luxurious meal with the greatest flavor. So, whether you just want something special for your next party or you intend to make caviar a regular item in your kitchen, this is your number one destination to shop.