Buying Mahi-Mahi Online: Know What to Look for

Mahi-Mahi is commonly known as dolphin fish and Dorado in Spanish. Mahi-Mahi has a brilliant blue, green and silver color with yellow spotting. Mahi-Mahi has a firm texture and mild flavor, along with its great name recognition. With a flavor similar to Swordfish, Mahi-Mahi is fairly firm with large, moist flakes when cooked.

Since Mahi-Mahi comes from tropical waters, try to pair this fish up with fresh fruit salsas or sauces - or try it with coconut or macadamia nuts!

Our flavorful wild-caught Mahi-Mahi is perfect for the discerning customer who wants only the very best seafood.

Fresh Mahi Mahi is available most of the year, but supply has become more limited because of the high demand. Most of the Hawaiian Mahi Mahi is sold to us through the fish auctions in Honolulu and Hilo while the Latin American Mahi is imported and flown directly to us on a daily basis.

Get our fresh hand-selected Mahi-Mahi portions delivered to your door with easy preparation to ensure that your seafood feast is one to remember. Bring out the Seafoodie in you!


Fresh Mahi-Mahi

Price: $30.73 


Frozen Mahi-Mahi

Price: $27.55