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Welcome to our online seafood store!!

Anderson Seafoods is celebrating 35 years of delivering an unmatched caliber of quality seafood to our valued customers. We embrace the principle of providing a wide variety of premium seafood products ranging from the exotic to the more common-type species.

We have long-standing relationships with local fishermen from the California Coast, to the fleets that harvest oceans and seas surrounding all seven continents. Our goal is to source sustainable seafood and provide you with the highest quality choices, while being environmentally responsible.

What makes Anderson Seafoods remarkable is our relentless commitment to bringing you an unparalleled customer service experience and an acclaimed selection of exquisite premium seafood. These offerings are healthy choices and provide an ample source of protein & vital nutrients, such as Omega 3's.

Our services include:  importing, processing, custom packaging and distributing all varieties of fresh, frozen and live seafood products overnight, right to your door step.

Our Dedicated Team of Professionals are highly skilled and ready to help you with all of your seafood needs.

For more than three decades, we have been expanding and perfecting our product lines and we never stop searching for the best items to offer our customers.

 Anderson Seafoods is America’s Most Trusted Seafood Source!

Looking where to buy seafood online? Anderson Seafoods brings the finest selection directly to your kitchen! 

Thank you!

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