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Anderson Seafoods Celebrates Over 40 Years in the Seafood Industry

Anderson Seafoods is honored to be celebrating more than 40 years in the seafood industry, offering some of the highest quality catches online. We deliver seafood of an unmatched caliber and variety to our valued customers, with the convenient option to purchase both frozen and fresh seafood online without ever having to sacrifice quality.

We embrace the principle of providing a wide variety of high-quality seafood products, ranging from the exotic to the more common-type species, as well as pre-made delicacies that are ready to heat for restaurant-worthy meals in your own kitchen.

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Fresh Seafood Safety

Freshness, nutrition, and sustainability always come first. As a seafood company, we know how important it is to understand the origins of products when deciding where to buy fresh seafood online, and we seek to go above and beyond for our customers so that no one is left wondering where their food came from or how it got to their plate.

On average, when you order fish through our online marketplace, you’ll get seafood that is 3-8 days fresher compared to what is available at most seafood stores.

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Seafood Sustainability

With the question of sustainability at the forefront of the seafood industry, many consumers are confused not only about which seafoods represent the best sustainable choices but about where to find reliable, sustainable and quality products.

We’re passionate about helping sustain the world’s fish supply, and we promise never to do business with suppliers who overfish, deplete fish stocks or destroy the delicate ecosystems that fish inhabit. When you buy from us, you get the peace of mind that comes with a sustainable purchase, plus a healthy option for feeding your family and maintaining a balanced diet.

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Our Story with UPS

We understand buying fresh seafood online can be perceived as an uncommon practice. At Anderson Seafoods, we're revolutionizing the experience of buying seafood online with our exceptional fresh fish delivery service. This can be seen in our packaging and design. Our engineers worked tirelessly with UPS for over a year to take packages through a variety of shock and impact tests in extreme temperatures and humidity to configure the best shipping solutions.

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Shop Seafood Gift Card

Our Virtual Gift Card allows you to give your friends or family credit at the store. This credit can then be used to buy your favorite Fresh, Frozen, Entrée, Specialty, Smoked, Combo, and items on special. Buying a gift card is easy, and it can be emailed to a far off friend in a couple of mouse clicks.

Buy fish online from Anderson Seafoods. It has never been so easy or tasted so good!

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  • This has to be my umpteenth order of salmon. We moved from the Pacific West Coast to the central U.S. where seafood in general is lacking in quality and quantity. Anderson Seafood does a quality job all around. It is no pricier even when the boats come in from the coast. If you love salmon I highly recommend. I wish the pieces were individually wrapped as there are three in my family. We found the 6 ounce pieces just right.

  • This is such a tasty product!! As soon as I opened the package (from frozen), this smelled soooo fresh!! I just sauteed this wonderful medley of awesome seafood and had it with a salad. This will be 20 meals for me, so a very good value. Keep it coming.

  • Thank you, Anderson Seafoods, for great delivery service on the Snow Crab Claws we ordered for New Years Eve. They arrived fast, as promised, packed beautifully and were Delicious !!! Great Job...We will be back for more.