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  1. Frozen California Spiny Lobster
    California Spiny Lobster
    The California Spiny Lobster One of the finest selection of lobsters to savor o. Read More
    Out of stock
  2. Frozen Chilean Langostino Tails
    Chilean Langostino Tails
    Dry Chilean Langostino Tails: These succulent langostino tails are caught o. Read More
    Out of stock
  3. Chilean Langostino Tails + $25 Gift Card
    Chilean Langostino Tails + $25 Gift Card
    Chilean Langostino Tails:   These succulent langostino tails are caught off t. Read More
    Out of stock
  4. Frozen Maine Lobster Meat
    Maine Lobster Meat
    Buying Maine Lobster Meat online The maine lobster meat is one of the bes. Read More
    As low as $150.00
  5. Frozen Tristan Cold Water Rock Lobster Tails
    Tristan Cold Water Rock Lobster Tails
    Buying North Atlantic Lobster Tails online Tristan de Cunha Lobster Tails hail . Read More
    As low as $84.50
    Out of stock
  6. Frozen North Atlantic Lobster Tails
    North Atlantic Lobster Tails
    North Atlantic Lobster Tails Savor the sweet flavor and firm bite of our Nort. Read More
    As low as $65.00
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Lobster For Sale

At Anderson Seafoods, we promise you won’t find lobster for sale this fresh anywhere else on the web.

If you want to have a delicious seafood dinner, there is perhaps no option more iconic than a lobster. Commonly enjoyed with just salt, pepper, and a little butter, this luxury dinner option is one that virtually anyone can enjoy. Of course, like all other food items, where you get your lobster from can greatly impact the quality—especially if you’re buying lobster online. For those who want the absolute best in fresh and frozen lobster, you will want to first consider which type of lobster works for you, as well as learn more about the lobster delivery process that brings this delicacy to your table.

Where Do Lobsters Come From?

Depending on the variety of lobster you are looking for, these crawling sea creatures can be found many places around the United States, Canada, and even in continents like Australia, Africa, and South America. In general, you find them burrowing under rocks on the ocean floor or generally in rocky, sandy, or muddy bottoms of the ocean. Since they can be found all around the world, the water temperature can vary significantly, with those caught further north naturally dwelling in cooler waters. And with the ability to buy lobster online, you can enjoy the many varieties of these delicious sea creatures no matter where you live.

How Are Lobsters Caught?

For an individual to catch lobster, they will typically dive down using either scuba gear or attaching themselves to a hookah breathing system on their boat. Of course, for largescale operations, it is important to maximize resources and get the best chance of success. For this reason, traps are used around the world to catch lobsters in large numbers. These traps are laid along the ocean floor in areas where lobster activity is abundant and they are carefully designed to capture just the right prey.

California Spiny Lobster

Trapped off the Southern California coastline, these lobsters offer a succulent flavor that is sure to make an impression. Though you might be interested in a fresh catch, these California spiny lobsters are frozen prior to shipping so they can preserve their initial freshness in the best way. This means that you don’t have to use them right away and since it is the whole lobster it still keeps in most of that fresh flavor. Before serving, simply move from the freezer to refrigerator for 12-24 hours.

West Australian Lobster Tails

If you do prefer the classic lobster tail option for cooking, you might be interested in more in the West Australian lobster tails. These ship as a pair of two tails and provide a convenient option down the road. They are frozen, so with any other seafood make sure to give it that 12-24 hours window ahead of time to thaw out. Coming from Australian rock lobsters, these tails offer a great taste and come from a completely sustainable source that you can trust.

Chilean Langostino Tails

Caught in South America off the coast of Chile, these lobsters offer a delicious alternative to the typically meal-sized options above. They are available all-year, which makes them a popular option. More importantly, they offer a small size, which makes them perfect for alternative uses, including use in pasta, salads, party platters, and more. At Anderson Seafoods, you can order a 1 lb. bag of these tails pre-cooked and ready to go. Simply defrost for 12-24 hours and serve when the time comes.

Maine Lobster Meat

Lobster off the coast of Maine are available all year round, which means that this lobster meat is something you can enjoy whenever the temptation strikes. Offered in a frozen, 2 lb. bag, you can enjoy this in whatever method best suits you. First, take the time to defrost for 12-24 hours and then season or prepare as you like. One of the simplest methods is to simply add seasoning and heat in a pan with some oil.

Cold Water South African Rock Lobster Tails

Returning to the full tails, these South African rock lobster are another great option to consider. Like the other tails, they ship as a pair to give you the convenience you are after. Living deep underwater, these lobster enjoy unusually cold waters, giving them a unique flavor. These are often considered to be the premier lobster tail around the world, which makes them an exceptional option for those who want a truly special meal. Like the other lobster, they are frozen prior to shipping, so make sure to allow for the proper 12-24 hours ahead of time to defrost. If you’re looking for a classy dinner option, these are the perfect “surf” to add to your “turf.”

Some Great Ways to Enjoy Lobster

Beyond the simple steaming of lobster and serving with melted butter, there are actually some other excellent ways to enjoy lobster. One of the methods that is becoming increasingly popular today is preparing a lobster macaroni and cheese dish. There are a wide variety of excellent recipes out there for this. All you need is some lobster meat and the right approach and you can have an absolutely delicious meal ready in no time. Similarly, lobster can be baked, broiled, grilled, or prepared in a delicious soup. In fact, it is becoming increasingly popular to prepare lobster in these fashions.

Lobster Or Crab?

Of course, before you decide to buy lobster, you might want to consider whether the occasion calls for lobster or crab. Both are well-known for their great flavors and ability to be enjoyed on their own. But, when is it better to use crab meat instead of lobster tails, or whole lobsters? To answer this question, there may be a variety of factors you need to consider. Perhaps the most important is to consider your target audience. In general, lobster tends to be the kind of option to have for a main course. You might serve it in one of the above fashions or you might just offer it by itself. Additionally, you might have an interested in serving it alongside a nice steak. Whatever the case might be, it typically is offered as the primary dish. On the other hand, while crab can be the primary dish, it is often used as an appetizer or complementary option. Having this in mind might help you make the right choice.

Find the Best Lobsters and Seafood Online

Regardless of whether you want lobster tails, whole lobsters, lobster meat, or even if you decide you want crab instead, shopping for seafood online should never be a challenge again. Anderson Seafoods is known for its high-quality products and fresh fish flavor. From our tuna and crab to our lobster tails for sale , all of our products are shipped using a carbon neutral method, which means you can always trust that you are leaving no extra impact on the environment. Perhaps most importantly, they come from a processing facility that is carefully maintained to ensure you get only the highest quality catches. This way, you always enjoy the absolute best, which is just what you deserve.