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Wild King Salmon

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Wild King Salmon


The wild king salmon or Chinooks, as they are commonly referred to, are considered to be the largest fish of the five fish species of Pacific salmon. It has other known names for the species include king salmon, quinnat salmon, spring salmon, and tyee salmon. Chinooks or wild king salmons are anadromous fish, which are fish that migrate from the sea up into freshwater to spawn (deposit or release its eggs) are native to the North Pacific Ocean and the river systems of western North America. It covers from California to Alaska, in addition to the Asian rivers, from northern Japan to the Palyavaam River found in the Arctic north-east Siberia.

The meat of the salmon is very high in value for its nutritional dietary content. This nutritional content includes high levels of vital omega-3 fatty acids, known to be good for the body. The season for the salmon usually runs from the month of May to September. It is extremely nutritious and incredibly resourceful. Salmon has a low content of saturated fat and sodium and is very rich in vitamins and minerals. Because of its health benefit, salmon should be considered as part of a delicious meal that the whole family will love. There are quite a number of scrumptious recipes which involve salmon.

Anderson Seafoods in America will provide any person with the finest California wild king salmon from their online seafood store. The store has over 35 years of experience in delivering quality seafood to its customers. The service consists of importing, processing, custom packaging, and distributing all varieties of fresh, frozen, and live seafood products to valued customers. No matter what the fish type, the staff at Anderson Seafoods will remain committed to their loyal customers and ensure that their seafood is of the highest health standards. Whatever you like, visit the Anderson Seafoods’ website to order fresh and the best seafood there is on the market. Try the recipes above or any of choice. Taste the most delicious and famous wild king salmon from California right at the fingertips!!


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