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  1. Frozen Calamari Tubes Tentacles
    Calamari Tubes & Tentacles
    Where to Buy Fresh Squid Buying fresh seafood online from Anderson Seafoo. Read More
  2. Fresh Alaskan Black COD Sablefish
    Alaskan Black Cod (Sablefish)
    Alaskan Black Cod (Sablefish) Buy Sabelfish online! 1 order contains 2 x 8 . Read More
  3. Fresh Corvina
    Buying Fresh Corvina online   A meal is not a savory meal without the c. Read More
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Order Seafood Online From A Safe, Sustainable Source

For those various odds and ends to help ensure you can complete your fish menu, order seafood online from Anderson Seafoods. Providing all variety of fish you know and those you don’t, Anderson Seafoods offers fresh catches from both the wild and the best farms around the world. This means you can get even those most specialized seafood options. So, whether you need some calamari for a delicious appetizer or just some catfish for your community-style dinner, you can find exactly what you need right here online. Giving you everything you need to know, here are some of those other variety you might want to order.

Alaskan Black Cod (Sablefish)

Alaskan sablefish, also known as black cod or butterfish, is a delicious catch found in the Alaskan and Canadian wilds. The fish swims in deep, cold, and clean waters, providing a sweet and distinctive taste. It is caught using long line fishing techniques, which involves a large number of baited hooks on one over-sized line. Alternatively, these fish can be trap caught to ensure a large number can be collected, and are oftentimes farmed. Buy black cod online today from Anderson Seafoods, and enjoy this tasty catch year-round!

Fresh Baquetta Seabass

Able to be prepared in a variety of different fashions, the baquetta seabass is a versatile fish that many eaters will enjoy. It is caught in the wilds around Mexico and the Sea of Cortez using long line fishing techniques. This technique means getting a large amount of catches and ensuring year-round availability.

Calamari Tubes & Tentacles

Out in the wild, calamari can be found in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Using a jig, seine nets, and trawl system, these squid are caught in the wild for the freshest flavors. After being cleaned, they are frozen and sent out for your enjoyment. Buy calamari online from Anderson Seafoods! Simply leave it in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours prior to preparing for the best results. Since we get our products from the best available sources, you’ll never have to worry about where to buy calamari rings again.


With a flesh somewhat similar to snapper, corvina is found around the tropical waters of Peru, Ecuador, Panama, and Chile. It has a mild and sweet taste with a firm texture that is easy to prepare and delicious to eat. They are caught in the wild and as such our Corvina fish for sale is only available seasonally from April through October for fresh catches.

European Seabass (Loup de Mer-Brazino)

Due to sustainability efforts, European seabass you order from Anderson Seafoods is all farm-raised. Known as the wolf of the sea, this fish is carefully raised in the natural waters of Greece, allowing for a flavor that is virtually indistinguishable from a wild caught variety. It has a mild and sweet flavor with a firm, white, flakey texture. They can be used as a substitute for any recipe that calls for standard seabass and provide a delicious alternative. For best taste, eat within 2-3 days of arrival or freeze to preserve the initial flavor.

Fresh Catfish

Farmed freshly around the USA, catfish are one of the most popular dishes in restaurants around the country. They offer that distinct flavor and plenty of omega-3 fatty acids to result in a heart-healthy meal. Using the best aquaculture methods around, they can be processed and shipped out freshly for your enjoyment.

Fresh Hiramasa

An absolutely delicious option that is farm-raised within the country of Australia. The hiramasa has a creamy, smooth texture and offers a buttery, silky fresh taste. It is 20-25% fat content overall, so it has plenty of healthy brain-boosting effects and heart benefits. Serving exceptionally well when baked, it offers a distinct flavor that you can enjoy. On the other hand, it is extremely common as a sashimi dish, which means you can enjoy it without cooking if you prefer.

Fresh Huachinango

Perhaps you know this fish better as red snapper, huachinango is often considered one of the best raw fish choices out there, which means it finds a home in most sushi restaurants. Found in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and adjacent Atlantic waters, it is usually caught when it weighs around 8-10 pounds. The flesh is sweet and mild but offers a distinct flavor that any fan will recognize. It has an excellent shelf life and comes in daily from the waters around Florida and Mexico.

Fresh Lake Superior White Fish

Found in the great lakes, namely Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, this prolific species of white fish is an absolute delicious option for those who want a good catch. It is reeled in using long line, netting and trap techniques. Since it is caught in the wild without hurting any continuous populations, it delivers an exceptional flavor.

Fresh Tilapia

Farmed primarily around Ecuador and Costa Rica, tilapia is considered to be one of the most significant aquaculture resources for the future of fishing. Its flesh is white and flakey, and since it is naturally somewhat bland chefs find it convenient for preparing in a wide variety of ways. It is highly nutritious and opens the doors for some great cooking options.

Fresh Pacific Ling Cod

Swimming more than 300 meters down in the west coast of North America, ling cod varies in color from gray-brown to green and bluish. It has a very high oil content, which means smoking is one of the most popular preparation methods. With soft and velvety flesh, a Ling cod fillet offers a rich flavor but is still mild enough that it can be prepared to satisfy a variety of seafood lovers.

Fresh Yellowtail

Wild caught around the USA and Mexico, these yellowtail are found using long line methods or caught using a gilnet. They can be found year-round and typically weight between 10-20 lbs, yielding a significant amount of meat from each fish. It can be eaten in sushi or sashimi, but its meaty flavor also provides an excellent grilling option.

Frozen Australian Barramundi

Known in Japan as Hira-Suzuki, this delicious and buttery fish is caught in the wild around Australia and can also be found in the USA waters. Alternatively, it can be farmed in the off season around Indonesia and Vietnam. Some have compared its texture and flavor to Chilean seabass and enjoy this fish both cooked with crispy flesh or served in sashimi. As with all frozen fish, make sure to defrost properly for 12-24 hours prior to preparation.

Frozen Hamachi Loin

Farm raised in Japan and available year-round, this fish is often marketed as yellowtail or amberjack. It is rich in oils and prized for its use around sushi restaurants. Of course, it can also be grilled quite well and yields a white, tender meat that any seafood lover will enjoy.

Mako Shark

Sourced from the United States and Mexico, the mako variety is considered to be one of the best tasting sharks consumed today. It is sometimes compared to swordfish meat but offers a slightly darker and moister experience. Since shark populations are sometimes a sensitive matter for conservation, Anderson Seafoods takes special care to ensure that populations continue to gorw and this fish is caught responsibly.

Pacific Red Snapper

Utilizing the classic hook and line catch technique, pacific red snapper can be caught year-round along the coast of California and Alaska. It offers eaters a firm flesh and mild flavor that can be prepared in some of the simplest ways or also served with a gourmet meal. Sear it, bake it, broil it, blacken it, or simply add it to sushi for an enjoyable meal that is relatively easy to prepare.

Petrale Sole

Caught in the wild around Oregon, Washington, and Canada the petrale sole is brought in using a trawl. The delicate fillets are sweet and somewhat nutty, making them ideal for stuffing. Most consider this to be the best west coast sole variety, so if you are interested in this type of fish this is definitely the way to go.

Thresher Shark

Another variety of shark, the thresher is found around California and like all other fish at Anderson Seafoods is sourced responsibly. Their meat is firm and dense, offering a pronounced flavor that is great for broiling, baking, frying, or even barbequing.

Shopping for Seafood Online

Whether you are looking to try the best of all these varieties or you just need to order one specific catch to fill your dinner menu, shopping with Anderson Seafoods is easy and convenient. Our online ordering system allows you to get exactly what you need and sends it right to your day. Thanks to our sustainable fishing practices, you can be sure you are getting the absolute best quality fish without having any undo effect on the environment around you. All of the fish are also sent out with carbon neutral shipping procedures and use real, dry ice to ensure they are fresh as can be. So, if you want the best flavor and a premium fish experience, there is no better destination online.