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  1. Frozen Seafood Medley
    Seafood Medley
    Seafood Medley   The seafood medley contains a combination of shrimp, c. Read More
  2. Frozen Scallops
    Scallops - 10/20 Dry
    Buying Scallops online   Sea scallops have a sweet rich taste that rang. Read More
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  3. Frozen Abalone Steaks
    Abalone Steaks
    Buying Abalone online   Our Abalone supplier raises the highest quality. Read More
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  4. Frozen Rolled Sole Scallops Crab
    Rolled Sole with Scallops & Crab
    Our rolled sole is a seafood dish that’s designed to treat your taste buds, fe. Read More
    As low as $76.50
  5. Frozen Smoked Alaskan Scallops
    Smoked Alaskan Scallops
    Buy Smoked Alaskan Scallops Online   With a creamy, vanilla white to . Read More
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Buy Scallops Online

Buy scallops online—fast, fresh, and easy! Dwelling at the bottom of the seafloor, it may surprise you to know that scallops can actually travel quite quickly when needed. While most often they rest stationary, some can travel great distances and all are known for their ability to quickly dart through the water. At Anderson Seafoods, we offer only the best sea scallops for sale to ensure you have a meal you can enjoy. Like most seafoods out there, scallops can be prepared in a variety of different fashions. With that in mind, you might want to consider which type is best for your scallop recipe before choosing your preferred variety.

Finding the Best Scallops?

Found off the sores of Maine, Massachusetts, and Canada, getting the right scallop is really just a matter of finding them in the first place. Like any creature that lives on the seafloor, the water is usually quite cold and often not very clear. Naturally, this does not mean that the water is dirty. Instead, some of the largest populations of these sea-dwellers are in beautiful waters around these destinations. In general, a good scallop is simply the one that is freshest.

How Do You Catch Scallops?

Scallops are often caught by hand on a small scale, similar to abalone meat. In this way, interested divers can swim down to the ocean floor and collect some for their own consumption. Of course, harvesting scallops in this way is simply impractical if you hope to get large amounts, which is why the best way is to catch them through dredging. Constructed from a heavy steel frame and covered with a large mesh, the dredge is towed along the bottom of a fishing boat and used to “scrape” the ocean floor for large quantities of these scallops. Targeting areas with high populations, this can result in a great many scallops from one haul.

Albalone Steaks

If you are in the know as far as environmental news, you might be aware that some scallop dredging operations are being questioned for their sustainability. Our efforts with these albalone steaks are evidence of just how much we are doing to make sure we avoid these practices. Harvested from the pristine waters of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, these natural California red scallops are the perfect option for the environmentally conscious. Unlike most seafood, the quality between frozen and fresh scallops is almost impossible to notice, which is why we trim, tenderize, vacuum pack, and freeze this variety prior to shipping them out. Once you receive them, simply thaw for 12-24 hours prior to enjoying for the best flavor. Technically, albalone are not actually scallops, but they are so often confused with them because of their taste and texture. Each steak weighs around an ounce or slightly more and offers a meaty texture that can be thoroughly enjoyed when properly cooked.

Scallops-10/20 Dry

Caught fresh in the wild, the dry sea scallops you will find at Anderson Seafoods can range from creamy white or pink to the highly sought after ivory translucent color. Once they are caught, they are immediately shucked on the boat’s deck and frozen to preserve the initial freshness. When they arrive at our processing facility, they ship out to you quickly to preserve that taste. As with all seafood, the frozen scallop meat should be thawed for 12-24 hours prior to enjoying. From there, it can be cooked in a variety of ways. One of the most popular options is to sear them slightly on the stove top for a caramelized brown color and a delicious texture.

Smoked Alaskan Scallops

If it is quality eating you are after, these smoked Alaskan Weathervane scallops are just what you need. With the harvesting of these scallops highly regulated, gaining access to capture these treats might be impossible for the individual. At Anderson Seafoods, we are one of the few permit holders that can catch these fish and get our supply from the foot of the Augustine Volcano. Once they are caught, they are shucked on deck and packed on ice to preserve freshness until they get to shore. From there, these are smoked and vacuum-sealed for your enjoyment. Dried and frozen, all you have to do is defrost for 12-24 hours and serve, but if you really want to unlock the flavor you should try putting some olive oil in a pan and cooking for a quick 10 seconds on each side. This unlocks that smoked flavor and provides a delicious meal option that any seafood lover will enjoy.

Seafood Medley

If you love scallops, then you also might consider this seafood medley as a welcome alternative. Mixing scallops with shrimp, calamari rings, and Alaskan cod chunks, this delicious medley is just what you are looking for. It is vacuum sealed at our processing facility and frozen, so make sure to allow for 12-24 hours of thawing prior to cooking it. When you do decide to cook it, keep in mind that this medley can go well in a variety of dishes. Serve with rice, a nice stir-fry, or even making things a bit interesting and mix it with pasta –whatever you choose, this medley will do the trick.

How to Properly Prepare Scallops

A full scallop actually contains two types of meat. The first is the adductor muscle, which is called “scallop” and the second is the roe, which is referred to as “coral.” Typically speaking, the scallop meat you enjoy is the former and can be prepared in a variety of fashions. In Spain, this food is often prepared by baking it with bread crumbs, ham and onions, making for a delicious meal in its own right. On the other hand, Japanese cuisine often calls for them to be prepared in soup or served with rice. Alternatively, you might just prefer to smoke your scallops and enjoy them as a refined snack.

Order All the Best Seafood Online

Regardless of which scallops you order or how you intend to prepare them for enjoyment, Anderson Seafoods makes buying fresh scallops for sale and getting them to your door a breeze. We offer the highest quality seafood and ensure that you get the absolute freshest options available today. More than just this, we also employ carbon neutral shipping procedures and utilize environmentally sustainable fishing procedures to ensure you can enjoy your order with peace of mind. If it is high quality scallops you want, this is the place to get them.