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  1. Fresh Mahi Mahi
    Fresh Mahi-Mahi
    Buying Mahi mahi fish online We make it easier than ever to buy Mahi ma. Read More
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  2. Frozen Mahi Mahi
    Frozen Mahi-Mahi
    Frozen Mahi-Mahi   Mahi-Mahi fillets have a sweet, mild-to-moderate flavor . Read More
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Mahi-Mahi For Sale

Buy mahi mahi for sale from Anderson Seafoods and taste the difference that quality can make.

Sometimes just called the common dolphinfish, mahi-mahi is one of the most common varieties of fish you’ll spot in many restaurants throughout the United States. While the fish themselves are strong swimmers, the flavor is usually quite mild, which is why the mahi mahi fillet is popular among various consumers. In the wild, these fish can live out their natural life for up to 5 years but most of them fail to make it past 4. They can weigh as much as 40 lbs. or more and can be spotted by their ray-finned body. Here at Anderson Seafoods, we seek out only the best mahi-mahi to ensure you get quality fish on your table whenever you want it.  

How Can You Catch Mahi Mahi?

Though some fisheries look to catch this fish using trollers or even long line techniques, sometimes the most environmentally friendly way is not the most efficient way. Mahi mahi is one of those fish that are simply better caught using hook and line, which means that boats are sent out and specifically fish for individual mahi-mahi. While these fish are listed in the “least concern” category by environmental conservation experts, this method further ensures that there is no overfishing of these fish and provides for a sustainable population for years to come. It also means that these boats can focus exclusively on catching the best mahi, which results in more frequent and better catches all around.

Where Are Mahi Mahi Found Most Often?

While these fish can be found around various parts of the world, the most common spots for the fishers at Anderson Seafoods are in places like: Mexico, Fiji, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Hawaii. Populations are more plentiful from October through April, but the fish is available year-round if you know where to look. With these various waterways, they can be found in some of the clearest and also some of the more brackish waters, giving them a bit of variety depending on where they come from. Regardless, they prefer temperate to warm environments and make for the perfect tropical treat.

Fresh Mahi Mahi

If you want the best flavor and easiest preparation, you’ll want to order yourself some of the fresh mahi-mahi. Though there might be some myths out there regarding the proper ways to enjoy and prepare fish, one that holds true is the reality that fresh varieties hold that initial flavor better. In this case, the flavor is quite mild but delicious nonetheless. As soon as the fillets show up in the mail, you can trust yourself to prepare them just as you would like. When you buy mahi mahi from Anderson Seafoods, we ensure you have the absolute number one freshness available out there. All of our mahi mahi shipments are sent in a container with real, dry ice, further preserving that valuable freshness. Naturally, fresh orders arrive daily from the ocean and are shipped out as soon as they are processed.

Frozen Mahi Mahi

While fresh Mahi might offer the best flavor, the reality is that sometimes you are not looking to prepare your fish right away. By ordering frozen mahi mahi, you can simply put the fillet in your freezer and store it for use later on. When the time does come to prepare your fish, simply put the fillet in your refrigerator 12-24 hours ahead of time. This will allow it to thaw out properly and preserve as much flavor as possible. The key advantage here of course is that the fillets are frozen immediately before being sent out, which ensures that they hold as much of that freshness as possible when it is defrosted.

Why Are Wild Fish Better?

Regardless of whether you order fresh or frozen seafood, all of this mahi-mahi is caught in the wild to ensure you get the absolute best in quality. Wild varieties of most seafood definitely offer a better flavor profile and a much richer option. In the case of mahi-mahi, this flavor difference is definitely apparent and you can rely on a delicious catch every time. With this type of fish, there is also little to no risk of having a negative impact on the environment, which leaves you with peace of mind as you order.

Where to Buy Mahi Mahi: Top Quality Fillets from Anderson Seafoods

Of course, all of the fish you order from Anderson Seafoods is delivered with the environment in mind. This starts with the environmentally responsible fishing techniques, which we constantly work to further improve and strive to promote conservation efforts. More than this, all of your fish ship out using carbon-neutral methods, which ensures the delivery doesn’t have any negative impact on the world either. So, if you want to settle for just any fish, go to your local grocery store and accept whatever you find. When you want the best quality fish instead—with the best mahi mahi price in the industry—remember that there is only one place to get the best deal: Anderson Seafoods.