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  1. Fresh European Sea Bass Loup De Mer Branzino
    European Sea bass (Loup de Mer – Branzino)
    Buying Branzino (Loup de Mer) online   European Seabass or Loup de Mer . Read More
  2. Fresh Striped Sea Bass Shima Suzuki
    Fresh Striped Sea Bass (Shima Suzuki)
    Buying Striped Sea Bass Online   Fresh Striped Sea bass, called Atlanti. Read More
    As low as $0.00
    Out of stock
  3. Fresh Pacific White Seabass
    Fresh Pacific White Seabass
    Buying Fresh Pacific White Seabass Online   Pacific White Seabass Fish . Read More
    As low as $32.49
  4. Fresh Florida Chilean Seabass
    Chilean Seabass
    Buying Chilean Seabass online   Chilean Sea, bass originally known as t. Read More
    As low as $42.49
  5. Fresh Corvina
    Buying Fresh Corvina online   A meal is not a savory meal without the c. Read More
    As low as $32.95
  6. Fresh Florida Chilean Seabass
    Frozen Chilean Seabass
    Frozen Chilean Sea Bass   Chilean Sea Bass is a large, cod-shaped fish foun. Read More
    As low as $40.49
  7. Fresh Baquetta Seabass
    Fresh Baquetta Seabass
    Buying Baquetta Seabass online   With an amazingly mild, slightly sweet. Read More
    As low as $32.95
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Sea Bass Fillet For Sale

A broad term to describe a variety of delicious fish that you might look for, sea bass fillet from Anderson Seafoods are sure to give you a tasteful dish for any occasion. With both fresh and frozen varieties, as well as wild and farmed options, we’re proud to be your first choice when it comes to where to buy sea bass online. You are sure to find a choice that fits within your budget and provides that seafood taste you are after. Keep in mind, we put quality first, so no matter which route you go you can trust that these fish will be fresh and delicious. To help you select the right cut, you may want to first consider some of the basic information about these fish.

Where Does Seabass Come From?

As you might assume from a fish with so many different varieties, seabass can be found in a wide variety of areas around the world. Baqueta seabass are found most often in the Sea of Cortez near Mexico. Alternatively, the Chilean sea bass variety are naturally found around Chile, Peru, and even Argentina in the clear waters. Pacific varieties might also be caught in California or in Mexico and South America. In any case, they are typically found in more temperate waters and be some of the most recognized landscapes around the world. Though these waters are sometimes known for population, seabass are found in areas where water quality is high and wild caught fish offer the great flavors you might expect from such a respected fish.

How Do We Catch Seabass?

Since there are a plethora of different seabass to choose from, there are a variety of different methods used to catch them. One of the most common methods is long line. This is most often used for Baqueta and relies on stringing dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of hooks onto a single, main line. From there, commercial fisherman can get the best catch rate. Alternatively, fish like the Chilean seabass are more often caught with hook and line. Meanwhile, most Pacific white sea bass varieties are collected with gill nets, which allows them to be captured in masses. Of course, other varieties can be raised in ponds or tanks to offer an option free of pollution.

Chilean Seabass

Caught only in the wild, the Chilean variety are an excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. This large, cod-shaped variety swims in the cold, deep waters around the Southern Hemisphere. Since they are known to grow up to 250 pounds, a single seabass from these waters can provide quite a lot of delicious meals. The fillets are shiny and white and their high fat content makes them easy to cook. Once they are prepared, you can enjoy a firm texture with a rich, buttery flavor.

Fresh Striped Bass (Shima Suzuki)

One of the few varieties raised in a controlled environment, striped sea bass offers a unique flavor that you are sure to enjoy. Fresh striped bass are raised in tanks in California and located inland to avoid any potential water pollution. Though the wild flavor might be lacking, the quality waters help ensure a consistently good taste. This variety is processed and sent out for shipment the same day, which means you will receive the absolute freshest options. Each package ships in real, dry ice, which preserves that initial freshness and protects it during shipping. With a delicate, slightly sweet flavor, these mild fish are easy to prepare.


With a flesh that very closely resembers snapper, wild corvina are caught and shipped out from Anderson Seafoods the day they are processed. They have a mild, sweet taste, which is pinkish when raw but cooks to become white. As a fresh fish, it ships out using real, dry ice to preserve the freshness. Like all of the wild-caught variety, it maintains a distinct flavor that really helps it stand out from the crowd.

Fresh Pacific White Seabass

As with the other fresh variety of fish, these white pacific seabass ship out with real, dry ice, which helps to preserve freshness and deliver the best quality product. They are mild and slightly sweet, with a moist and flaky texture that you can enjoy. Often enjoyed in the summer, these fish are very versatile and can be prepared in a wide variety of ways, including baked, broiled, grilled, poached, sautéed, or steamed.

European Seabass (Loup de Mer-Branzino)

Another farm-raised variety, you might have heard these wonderful fish referred to previously as the “wolf of the sea.” It is native from the Mediterranean waters and offers some of the most delicate fillets to be enjoyed as you prefer. It has a sweet and mild flavor, making it a favorite for many chefs around the world.

Frozen Chilean Seabass

Like the fresh variety, Chilean seabass offer a mild flavor and plenty of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Known for being easy to cook, these frozen variety are great for when you need to save them for any length of time. Keep in mind, when the fish is caught, it is frozen right away and then shipped out, so by the time you defrost it you can trust it maintains most of that original flavor. Rather than ordering fresh and then freezing, this gives you the freshest potential. From there, simply thaw it out for 12-24 hours and cook as you prefer.

Fresh Baquetta Seabass

One of the most environmentally responsible options, fresh baquetta is delivered to us year-round (weather permitting). It offers another versatile option for those who enjoy seabass and gives consumers the option of cooking in a wide variety of fashions. Since they are shipped fresh, you can trust that they are processed and shipped out the same day and packed with dry ice to maintain that mild flavor they are known for.

Get The Best Quality Seabass Online

Regardless of which variety you are most interested in, shopping with Anderson Seafoods gives you access to the absolute best fish available online. Whether fresh or frozen, wild, or farmed, all of our fish are intended to offer the best flavor and deliver consistent quality. It ships out with a carbon-neutral method and gets sent straight to your door for an experience you won’t soon forget.