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  1. Fresh Swordfish
    Fresh Swordfish
    Buying Swordfish online   Anderson Seafoods is proud to offer Pacific S. Read More
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  2. Frozen Swordfish
    Frozen Swordfish
    Frozen Swordfish Steaks Swordfish is dense and moist with a meaty texture . Read More
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Fresh & Frozen Swordfish

Order fresh or frozen swordfish and get a taste of the ocean right at home!

Named for the long, sword-like nose reaching out from the front of their body, swordfish are quite easy to tell apart from other variety of fish. They may not be one of the first variety that comes to mind when you are looking for seafood, but they are certainly a delicious product. Offering a firm and lean texture with a distinct, full flavor, good quality swordfish steaks will capture the attention of any seafood lover. At Anderson Seafoods, we use the best Pacific swordfish to ensure that you can always enjoy a good fillet when the occasion calls for it. Buy swordfish through our online seafood marketplace and then just prepare it as you like and enjoy.

Origins of Swordfish

Pacific swordfish actually happen to follow the same migratory patterns as squid, which means that they travel significant distances around the world. Due to this travel, they are available for catching pretty much throughout the year. Climate conditions can vary as they travel as can water quality, but in general swordfish are good at avoiding those less-than-desirable waterways. Hawaii is one common place to find them and offers a nice clear water for them to live. New Zealand and Australia are both rich with these large fish as well. Alternatively, you might find them around Canada, Mexico, California, Fiji, or even Ecuador.

How Are Swordfish Caught?

One of the most common methods for catching swordfish is longline fishing. In this method, commercial fishers actually take a long, main line and connect an array of smaller lines to it. In total, the number of hooks connected to this main line can range anywhere from 25 to 2,500. It offers the ability to capture many of these fish without getting hung up on the wrong species. Alternatively, gillnetting is another popular way to capture large groups, as it allows for a single boat to cast a net and capture many at once. Finally, some fishermen actually use harpoon to capture swordfish, especially in waterways where these other methods might just not be practical.

Fresh Swordfish

Processed, packaged, and shipped out in a single day, fresh swordfish can make for an astounding meal. The big advantage of ordering fresh swordfish is the inherent quality difference that comes from never freezing the fish. When it is shipped out to your home or business, it is packed in with real, dry ice, which ensures that it preserves without having to freeze. Of course, the extra flavor is just one of the reasons you might prefer to purchase fresh swordfish. Another important factor to consider is how quickly you intend to eat the fish. If you want to prepare it right away, fresh is best because you can simply unpack it, season it, and start cooking. On the other hand, those who want to store the fish for later may be better off buying frozen.

Frozen Swordfish

Frozen swordfish are still processed, packaged, and shipped quickly, but the extra time is taken to freeze them and ship them accordingly. Keeping in the cold air required to maintain a perfect freeze requires a bit of extra time, but overall it helps to lock in the freshness over time. If you intend to save some swordfish for later, ordering frozen is a great idea. Otherwise, you could order fresh and freeze it after it arrives, but this just gives it an extra day to loss some of that initial freshness. When you do end up taking out your fillet, make sure to do it 12-24 hours before you intend to cook with it, as this will provide enough time for it to properly thaw out.

The Anderson Seafoods Quality Promise

Like all of the fish you order from Anderson Seafoods, you can trust that each swordfish you eat is offered from the highest quality catches. One of the unique ways to identify high quality swordfish is to look for the thin, red blood lines bordering the loins of the fillets. You’ll find that the fillet you order online will have these lines and offer consistent quality. Perhaps even more important, the processing facilities are regularly inspected by both government organizations and the most prestigious private quality control organizations to help ensure you always have the best. This prevents contamination, and ensures you get the flavor you are looking for.

Delicious Ways to Prepare Swordfish

Swordfish can be a prepared in a wide variety of different fashions depending on your specific flavor needs. They can be smoked for just a few minutes in a good smoker to deliver a great option for your outdoor party. Alternatively, if you add some seasoning and toss them on the grill they can also make a great dish. You can even go ahead and bake them in the oven to bake with your favorite recipe or throw them in a frying pan with some oil for a quick protein. Whatever your choice, the good quality catches here will have you covered.

Find Swordfish for Sale Online

Shipped out daily, order swordfish online from Anderson Seafoods and get frozen or fresh swordfish delivered right to your door! Thanks to the regular demand for this delicious fish, you can trust that whatever you receive came in, was processed, and sent out for packaging that same day. As a result, you have the absolute freshest catch available. You can conveniently order your next delivery online or you can pick up the phone and place the order directly. Whichever the case, your package will be delivered using a carbon neutral system, which ensures that the environment is protected every step of the way.